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Personalized Wellness Program

First Choice has partnered with XCEL Performance, LLC to developed a Health and Wellness Program. This wellness program will improve your movement, enhance your performance, decrease your risk of injury, and help you attain your athletic and wellness goals. We will educate you on how to maximize your work out by analyzing your deficits so you can specifically target those areas and improve your overall fitness level. This will decrease injuries associated with exercise and enable you to capitalize on the time you spend working out to GET RESULTS. These programs are intentional training programs designed for the individual to meet YOUR specific needs.

We are FMS Certified

Functional Movement System

Some professionals look at movement patterns to identify those who may be at risk for an injury as activity levels are increased. Others are interested in performance and consider movement patterns as they develop fitness and performance programs. We Use a System that Does Both.

Strength Training Results

  • Improve Your Movement
  • Enhance Your Performance
  • Decrease Your Risk of Injury
  • Attain Your Athletic & Wellness Goals
  • Boost Overall Fitness & Health
  • Re-Define Your Basic Human Patterns
  • Life Changing Knowledge

XCEL Nutrition

We Help You Make Lifestyle Changes

Making a commitment to your personal health and wellness doesn’t need to be boring or difficult. By making small but significant changes, we help you develop essential patterns that will help set you up for a successful, healthy lifestyle. We promote well-rounded, nutritious eating habits that are easy to stick to and produce long-lasting results. Our goal is to give you the knowledge and skills you need to achieve overall well-being that will last a lifetime. Ready to commit to a better, healthier you? Learn More

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