Our Mission

On or off of the playing field, in or out of the office, XCEL’s mission is to ensure that everyone we work with will gain the ability and confidence to push their body to the limits without hesitation and gain the strength to perform at their peak. We know that with the proper exercises and hard work your body will be able to achieve unthinkable things.

Our Commitment to the Community

Here at XCEL, we saw a need in our community for a local, home-owned provider of higher quality fitness, strength and conditioning and nutrition programs. Being aware of the fact that success is the result of quality professionals working together cohesively as a team to accomplish mutual goals, we strive to be the highest qualified organization with the highest quality staff and service available. This commitment of high standards and excellence is reflected in our client success and continue support in the community.

How Our System Works

We start each client off with a thorough evaluation. This process involves us taking a close look at movement patterns, your injury history, training experience, sport of choice, and many more factors. We will also make sure that you have the chance to meet our entire staff on day one to ensure that you are comfortable with names and faces when you return for future training sessions.

Using the information gathered during the evaluation, we will design an custom, individualized training program. The attention to detail featured in each and every program requires that we take our time to do it right. As a result, your individualized training materials will be provided upon return for your second visit. You will be closely coached through the entirety of the program by our team of strength & conditioning coaches.

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