Youth Sports Development

When: Tuesday & Thursday: 5-6pm                             Who: 8-12 year old boys and girls

Class Size: 5-10 Max                                                          Dress: Athletic Apparel

Cost: ($10/kid, $8 for multiple kids)                          

The Youth Sports Development class is design to fine tune motor skills, help improve long term athletic development and teach young athletes proper technique and exercise mechanics to reduce the risk of injury. We will make sure your athlete will ace the ABC’s of movement: Agility, Balance, and Coordination.

Studies show that children who participate in physical fitness:

  • improve focus and productivity in other areas
  • perform better on tests
  • develop social skills
  • acquire sport skills
  • build the foundation to be physically active as adults

With the increases in sedentary entertainment kids are more at risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and a great deal of other poor health habits. But the biggest and scariest risk is injury due to poor movement quality. Today’s youth aren’t learning how to move properly at a young age because they don’t get out and play or they are too focus on one sport at an early age. When they don’t learn how to move properly, not only are they less likely to learn these skills later on, they’re less likely to exercise and stay healthy later in life.

Top youth sports researchers, Jean Cote and Jessica Fraser-Thomas advocate that young athletes should never participate year-round in a single sport. In fact, for athletes trying to achieve elite status in a specific sport, until age 13, 80% of their time should be spent in DELIBERATE PLAY and in sports OTHER THAN their chosen sport. From ages 13-15, Cote and Fraser-Thomas recommend athletes split their time 50/50 between their chosen sport and other athletic pursuits.

All kids, regardless of their athletic aspiration, will benefit greatly from learning how to move and exercise properly with the Youth Sports Development class. When kids are given the opportunity to learn physical traits, then exercise and movement are more fun and engaging. They can take these skills and use them for the rest of their lives, whether it’s on the field, in a gym, or playing with their own kids one day. It will give them a chance to be healthy for their entire life.

Youth Class Hype Video

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