Baseball and Softball Development

XCEL Baseball and Softball Development Program is a unique approach looking at the kinematic sequence from a throwing and hitting perspective using slow motion analysis along with a sport specific screening. The screening allows us to identify kinematic sequence deficiencies that are caused due to mobility and stability issues whereas the video analysis allow us to see if it is motor control issues. Our program focuses on providing individualized interventions from a movement perspective rather than providing a general program for development.

The program utilizes a variety of methods and tools to achieve a single goal: TO IMPROVE ROTATIONAL KINEMATIC SEQUENCE, resulting in a healthier body and an improvement in performance. Here a few of the many methods and tools we utilize for the development of our athletes:

  • Medicine Balls
  • PlyoCare Balls
  • 3D Straps
  • Khaos Ball/Water Boy
  • Functional Range Conditioning
  • XCEL Corrective Exercises Program
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