Functional Movement Screen for Athletes

The XCEL Sports Enhancement Program utilizes the FMS to break down the functional movement  patterns of the athlete. The FMS is an evaluating tool designed to identify, rank and rate movement patterns of the body in which there are limitations and asymmetries based on normal function in the daily active individual.

Why is movement so important to the function of sport?

If movement of the human body is dysfunctional, then the foundation of that body will be flawed or compromised even to the point of possibly predisposing the individual to risk of injury if the dysfunction is disguised by acceptable level of activity. Meaning, if we find a dysfunction we must fix it before it can cause a serious injury can occur.

The basic goal of the FMS is to identify limitations or asymmetric movement patterns in the body causing dysfunction so that a professional can identify and prescribe corrective exercises to normalize movement to reduce injury that the physical demands of exercise or sports places on the body. Being able to identify an incorrect movement pattern can potentially make an average athlete, an elite athlete. For you not knowing what causes you to have poor form or technique or that chronic hamstring strain or knee pain, we can assess and correct that to give you the best chance to excel. Doing this will have a positive impact on the activity or sport you participate in.

Research shows us that risk factors already exist within our neuromuscular skeletal systems. However, if we can screen individuals and identify indicators of dysfunction with recordable objective data, we can minimize and possibly eliminate injury risks at all different levels of activities. This earlier detection will give us a greater advantage in reducing these unmanaged impairments.

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