Speed Development

Some say speed can’t be taught but we have been helping the arae athletes get faster for years. Join the areas only Certified Speed and Agility Coach to help you XCEL your ability to get faster and more athletic. With video analysis, we utilize a customized approach to train speed and agility to help our athletes become the best version of themselves on the playing field.

What can help with:

Linear Acceleration

Lateral Acceleration

Multidirectional Speed

Top End Speed

Running Mechanics

Decrease Risk for injury

Hear from the athletes

Working with XCEL was very beneficial for my offseaosn development. I would recommend it it to any athlete in the area who wanted to increase their speed. What stood out the most about working with the team at XCEL was their focus on perfecting my running form each session. Start out I was a mid-4.6 guy (40y dash) and i was able to shave my time down to a 4.53. Not only did they help with my speed, but they also helped me increase my overall power production and strength. Looking forward to continuing my training when I return from Europe.

-Adehkeem Brown. New Yorkers Lions Football

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