“ The Hannibal-LaGrange University Softball program has utilized XCEL Performance’s program to improve the team’s overall performance.  Under the direction of Francisco Rivas from 2015 – 2018 the teams have shown vast improvement in all areas of strength development, flexibility, agility, and speed.  The program has noticeably reduced the number of injuries and the recovery time associated with a variety of injuries. The knowledge and willingness to prescribe specific training based on identified individual needs benefits those who need special attention.  The team members are convinced that this program definitely helps them perform at their highest level. This is why we are entering our fourth year with XCEL.”

 Dan Hurst, Head Softball Coach

Hannibal-LaGrange University

I wanted to extend a big thank you for working with Jennie. She has transformed her body and is feeling confident. She has always had high goals and played with older girls in softball most of her life. A lot of that was due to the fact that she had the ability to play up with her sister. She has worked so hard this summer and it shows. She has a goal to start as a Freshman and I believe with her dedication she has a lot to offer her team.
Rich and I sincerely appreciate your time, dedication, and willingness to work with Jennie. We have known the value that you provide athletes but it is amazing to see Jennie’s progress.
You are a great role model and motivator to the athletes. It is so nice to see as a parent.

Sandra P.

I heard about XCEL from my friends at school and my basketball coach. I decided to come down to improve my basketball and baseball skills. I like my workout sessions because, they are getting me big, and I believe the training is helping. I am learning about fitness through working out here. Overall, I’ve gained more strength while I’m playing sports, and it has made me more confident.

Sam T.

I heard about XCEL from my physical therapist, Brian Mckinney. I am receiving some strength training after I injured my shoulder. My workouts are fun and I feel better and stronger because of them. I am losing weight and strengthen my core. The staff is exceptional, knowledgeable, considerate, and helpful. They always keep me happy when I come in to workout. XCEL is a pleasant challenging experience.

Kathy W.

Brian Mckinney told me about XCEL after my ACL tear rehabilitation. So, I came down in order to strength the muscles around my knee. I IMMENSELY believe that the training has helped me build muscle in my quad. I like my workout sessions because the trainers push me, and I am indeed learning more when I come. I have been coming to XCEL for 4 months now and I am seeing muscle definition in my quad. The results are substantial. Also, I enjoy the friendly atmosphere and encouragement from the trainers.

Randi P.

I heard about XCEL through my basketball coach Ron Kinscherf. I decided to come down to train for basketball. I like the workout sessions because I enjoy knowing that what I am doing is helping me get better. I definitely believe the sessions are helping and I am reaching my fitness goals. My overall experience is that XCEL has given me more of the abilities that I need for basketball.

Drew S.

Through work, I was introduced to XCEL. I came in to gain strength and work on my core. I sometimes like the workouts, but I love the results. I believe that the training is helping me reach my goals. The trainers are very helpful and encouraging. The workouts are a challenge but not to the point of being overwhelming.

Kim R.

I heard about XCEL through Brian Mckinney at First Choice Physical Therapy. I’ve received custom workouts and circuit training since I’ve been working out here. I believe I am much stronger and more firm. The trainers do a great job at making me custom workouts, and explain what muscles are being used very well. The training habits help me maintain my current condition, because I like wine, a lot. Chris makes specific workouts for my goals, which is important and he is very encouraging. XCEL has helped me stop complaining as much as I used to.

Angie W.

I’ve been coming to XCEL for 4 years now to improve my basketball skills. I like that the workouts push me to my limits, and I believe that they are helping me get better. The workouts are tiring, but I do feel like I am learning and I am reaching my goals.

Ragar P.

My friends Mandy and Kenna told me about XCEL. I decide to come to work on my volleyball and softball skills. The workout sessions are so much fun! I believe the training is helpful, and I’m reaching my goals. It is so fun and helpful.

Hailey S.

I heard about XCEL through a coach. I brought my son in order to work on improving his baseball skills. The workouts seem very appropriate for the sport and are given with great instruction that is helping him improve and learn. I believe he is reaching his fitness goals. It has been a very productive experience and I would recommend it to anyone.

Chris P.

Brian Mckinney told me about XCEL. I wanted to work on my baseball skills and overall fitness level. I believed the training has taught and helped me a lot. I love working out here because I am able to work at my own pace, but I still get my stuff done.

Dax F.

Brian Mckinny is that one that told me about XCEL. I wanted to improve my baseball skills, and running ability so I decided to give it a try. I believe that the training has helped me very much because I’m getting results and learning everyday. I have reached my fitness goals and even increasing them as I go. My workouts are hard and productive, and the trainers are great.

Nolan W.

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