Internships in XCEL Performance Health & Wellness are available during the academic semester and summer (this is a semester long internship, not based on hours required from school). As an intern we expect you to bring energy and engaged in the company through critical thinking and project development. It is a highly active experience with coaches and athletes from a wide array of skill levels including youth, high school, college, and professional athletes. This internship will prepare you by developing and using your knowledge into practical experience for a future career in the human performance, health & wellness field.


  • Teach dynamic warm-up and flexibility drills
  • Demonstrate knowledge of training techniques
  • Assist in creating custom work outs for clients
  • Be eager to learn and accept constructive criticism
  • Be comfortable interacting with clients and parents
  • Present yourself in a manner that will reinforces your status as a role model for impressionable young athletes.
  • 30-40-hour work week (summer)

Preferred Qualification

  • Pursuing or hold a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science or a related field
  • Obtained or pursuing a NSCA CSCS, CSCCa, SCCC, or CPT
  • College Athletic experience


Candidates please email a cover letter, resume or CV, and contact information for three professional references to

Intern Testimonials

Nate Rueckemann


Overall, I have had an amazing and very eye-opening experience during my internship. Going into it I really did feel like I knew what to look for and how to perform certain movements which for the most part was accurate when it came to evaluating the main lifts. Where I found myself struggling, was pairing accessory exercises that would be performed in different planes of motion and maximize an athletes progress in a limited number of sessions per week. Another key aspect of exercise that I always struggled with was mobility in general; during my experience, I was able to expand this area of exercises and even begin to perform them myself on a daily basis. One aspect of the internship that I found very constructive and think you should continue to do in the future, is throwing your interns into the fire and forcing them to demand the knowledge. Personally, I felt like this allowed me to grow in the fastest way and allow me to make an impact at XCEL and work towards the goals you have for your athletes. Not only did I grow throughout this process, but I learned that as a trainer of any kind you need to get familiar and comfortable with the uncomfortable aspects of training. For example, it is not always easy trying the break the ice with clients or athletes, but it is a must in order to create a friendly and trustworthy relationship that is essential to long term clientele and development. In the end, I have learned a tremendous amount of information, some that I would have never thought of that I truly feel has allowed me to grow and become a better trainer for the future.

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