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Two elite training facilities have partnered up to provide the area with one of the most comprehensive and detailed Baseball Development Programs around. XCEL Performance and Complete Game Training Academy will be offering the Baseball Development Program for players of all ages. We will be implementing the Driveline Baseball Program to local athletes to help improve throwing velocity, increase overall strength, and decrease the risk of throwing injuries. The Driveline Program is used by 1000’s of athletes and their data-driven programs have worked for players in high school all the way to the MLB.

Athletes will be training at both XCEL Performance and Complete Game up to 5 times per week. All programs will be directed by Zach Carstens and Francisco Rivas CSCS, USAW, who have years of hands on experience with Driveline. Zach has trained at the Driveline facility and has been enrolled in the program for 3 years. Francisco has been doing the program for 3 years and went to Driveline’s Midwest Fall Clinic to learn firsthand from the founders of Driveline. We will continue to do constant continuing education to provide the highest quality of training.

Programs will differ for ages ranging from Youth (9-11 years old), Middle School (12-14 years old) and High School.

  • There are two different programs for High Schoolers, Driveline with Lifting Program and Driveline with Custom Lifting Program. Each program will have a FMS Screen, a 5 Day Strength and Conditioning program (3 lifting days and 2 conditioning days), 3-5 Day Pitching Development or Positional Velocity Program. With the Custom Lifting Program, you receive an at home Corrective Program, new custom workout monthly, and 2 uses of the Marc Pro and Recovery Pump per month.
  • The Middle School (age 12-14) Program will include a FMS Screen, 1-3 Day Throwing Development Program and a 2-3 Day Strength and Conditioning Program (2 lifting days and 1 conditioning day).
  • The Youth (age 9-11) Program will include a 1 Day Group Strength and Conditioning class and a 1-3 Day Throwing Development Program.

To enroll in the program contact Complete Game at 217-209-0855

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